The film’s creator

The film was made by architect Rasmus Wærn in collaboration with the film production company Andersö&Boman.

Wærn is an international award-winning architecture critic and the author of many books and articles about Swedish architecture both past and present. He holds a Master of Architecture degree and a PhD in architectural history, both from Chalmers University of Technology, and has served as an editor, exhibition curator, jury member, and expert consultant in architectural history on many Swedish construction projects.

Photo: Tomas Boman
Editing: Tomas Boman
Sound: Kajsa Andersö
Music: Majo Music Production (Mats Olofsson, cello; Josef Cabrales Alin, violin and percussion; and Johan Ullén, piano)
Sound mixing: Jan Alvermark
Graphic design and still images: Ola Österling
Jan Inghe’s writings are read by Krister Henriksson